Hello everyone, 

Been taking tamoxifen for a 10 days. First few days I started getting hot flushes and last few days felt tired and lethargic. I did go back to work part time too this week so could be why feel so tired. How did/do you feel taking these tablets?

Also start my 20 radiotherapy sessions this week so sure I’ll be feeling more tired during this. 

Hope everyone is doing ok x


I started taking Tamoxifen in December and started radiotherapy in January.

in first few weeks I noticed a few side effects but did my best to ignore them.  Generally now I notice a lot less (or I‘ve gotten better at managing them).

I felt very fatigued towards the end of the radiotherapy.  I used an app called Untire.  I found this really helpful to understand why suddenly I was totally drained and also to manage my energy levels better.  It was frustrating but that app helped me to manage myself.

Wishing you all the best 


I also had problems with Tamoxifen so my oncologist put me on Letrozole which suited me better. Maybe ask your oncologist for alternatives?

I finished 25 sessions of radiotherapy a couple of weeks ago and I was very lethargic for days. Just rest as much as possible and don’t over exert yourself.

Good luck and take care.