Has anyone else got similar side effects to me. I started taking tamoxifen Jan 10 and since then have had a continuous discharge any advice welcome.

Hi Kittiwake,
I’ve been on tamoxifen for 3 and half years and I also have a heavy continuous discharge - sometimes feel as though I’ve wet myself - not pleasant! I’ve never done anything about it as my oncologist warned me before I started taking it that I may get an increased discharge as this was a side effect. I have mentioned it to my consultant once but he said the same as the onc. I have been known if I’m going to a dinner to wear a tampon! Not a very pleasant side effect but like other things one which I feel I probably have to put up with!
Take care

I had discharge from outset but it increased quite substantially after about 2 1/2 yrs. I was wearing panty liners permanently,otherwise, like Shorty2 said, it was sometimes like I’d wet myself. I told the breast cancer nurse who got me an appointment with breast consultant and from there I was refered to gynaecologist. I had a couple of polyps in cervix and womb which were removed. This stopped discharge for next couple of years. Then had bleeding after no period for 9 months(natural menopause as tamoxifen never stopped my periods). GP refered me to gynaecologist and another polyp and fibroid were found in my womb. Was warned they might grow back and was offered hysterectomy, which I had.
I think if you make it very clear how much discharge - I know can be a bit embarrassing - then drs will realise that it’s not just an insignificant amount and should be investigated.