—Tamoxifen —I was watching The Wright Stuff on TV this morning and two ladies were on calling themselves The Diet Doctors.

There was talk of food obviously and the fact that we tend to put on weight when going through the menopause, the reason being that our bodies no longer produce Oestrogen. My question is then if I am no longer producing this (as a am post menopusal) why do I have to take a drug that suppresses this hormone? Makes no sense to me, but then a lot of things don’t these days, and there is a chance of course that I’ve totally misunderstood.

Any thoughts?


Jan I wondered about this (though it turns out I am not yet post-menopausal), but I was told that your body does still produce oestrogen after the menopause , but in a different way (in fat cells and adrenal glands rather than ovaries), and in much smaller quantities. I think that’s why you still get Tamoxifen.

Hope this helps.

The diet doctors need a slap for spreading misinformation. As Gandalf says, the body does still produce oestrogen after the menopause. Aromatase, which is an enzyme found in adrenal glands, fat and muscles, converts testosterone (yes girls have some) and androstenedione to oestrogen. That’s why post-menopausal women are often offered Aromatase inhibitors (Arimidex,Femara) to stop the conversion to oestrogen.