Hi Ladies
Have just collected the first batch of my 5 year prescription, keep reading about all the side effects I had no idea there were so many feeling anxious, please tell me it isn’t all bad?
Going away for the weekend so feel it might be better to postpone starting them until Monday, how soon do the side effects if any kick in?

Hi Ann,

I started tamoxifen on 19th Jan. I had a slightly nauseous feeling for a week or so and am not sleeping too well, although I don’t know if this is the tamoxifen or the fact that my mind is still buzzing with the bc thing. I’ve also developed a slight white discharge. Am post menopausal so this must be the tamoxifen as I haven’t had this for years!! Other than that, I feel OK so far.


…there seem to be a number of threads re T’fen and side effects - maybe moderators could put them together??? Thanks, BW

Hi Ann
I’ve been on Tamoxifen for five years. I’m just waiting to be discharged by Surgeon. I’m 54 and I didn’t have any side effects until about 8weeks ago when I came on the forum. Until then I assumed that all my problems with joints, hot sweats and memory loss were all part of the ageing process.
I’ve since questioned Doctors to be told I wont believe how much better I feel when I come off it. To be honest I’ve never read those little leaflets that come with any drugs. I’ve always thought it’s best not to know.
I very much doubt any side effects will affect you by the weekend but that’s your choice.
I know that the risk of the cancer coming back were reduced to 17% by taking it and that was enough for me. If you asked me would I take it again now I know about side effects I’d still say yes.
Good luck
Have a great weekend.


I’ve been on Tamoxifen for a year in May. I did feel sickly and fuzzy headed when I first started and from memory (which isn’t great) the s’es came on fairly quickly probably within a couple of weeks. However I’ve recently had further reconstructive surgery and was advised to come off Tamoxifen for 2 weeks prior to surgery and 2 weeks post surgery. I honestly didn’t expect to feel any difference but it wasn’t until I came off that I realised how foggy headed and yuk I felt on Tamoxifen. I think we sort of get used to it without realising and as Chinook says I think its when we come off them for whatever reason that we realise how crap we must have felt on them.

Good luck and take care


Hi all, I’ve been on tamoxifen since Nov 2010, the only SE I have is an unquenchable thirst, I have not had any hot flushes, my periods are still very regular, no achy joints, (I am pre menapausal -36- and haven’t had chemo) there are quite a few threads discussing the various SE people have, but don’t forget, those leaflets have to state ALL SE it doesn’t mean you are going to get them all, if any, and don’t forget we are all here to support you!

Good luck, don’t put it off! Hope any SE are minimal x