I am 12 months down the line now after mx for DCIS.I have just had a appointment with my oncologist to discuss treatment for reacurrance in the other breast.After doing lots of research on tamoxifen i wanted to know if it would benefit me in taking this drug. My tissue was not tested to see if my DCIS was hormone-sensitive he told me that this didn’t matter. All the info i have been reading suggests that it only has protection if my BC was hormone-sensitive.Is there anyone in the same position as me who is taking tamoxifen for protection, i would like to hear from you and chat about how you decided too take tamoxifen and what benefits it would offer. I am still finding it very hard not to be given a back up treatment after surgery.

Hi Suzie,

I’m surprised that you’re being prescribed Tamoxifen if your primary tumour wasn’t hormome sensitive. I think I would probably ask for a second opinion or a more comprehensive explanation from your consultant.
I have heard in the media lately that they are thinking it might be an idea to prescribe Tamoxifen to women who are at high risk of contracting BC. Maybe this is the idea behind his suggestion.