Hi everyone,

I was told I will have to take tamoxifen for 5 years after my WLE. Will it start at the same time as radiotherapy and what effects have you all had if any? I was also told my contraceptive implant will have to come out. WIll that rule out the pill too? ANy ideas?

LOve Ruith x

I am on tamoxifen for 5 years also. Started 4 months ago - so far just the hot flushes and these aren’t too bad - not very regular - but I have a picture in my head of the tablets blocking the oestrogen and so doing me good! I started taking them at the same time as radiotherapy (5weeks) - I also had WLE. Because I was oestroegen positive (not sure about progestorone) and pre menopausal was given tamoxifen. Also had a mirena coil in (progestorone) and onc said to have it out. Because I don’t need any more hormones going into my body I am having an ordinary, non hormonal coil fitted next month. I think if your condition is oestrogen based then the pill is a no no !
Love and best wishes
Shorty xx