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I was talking about my hot flushes I get on Tamoxifen to my complemetary therapist and she said that the doctors only prescribe it because it’s cheap. Apparently there are better alternatives available which are not normally prescribed because they’re expensive. Has anyone else heard this? If so, what are the alternatives?


for all its side effects tamoxifen is still one of the most suitable on the market for pre postmenopausl woomen, and has been successfully used over many years, with great sucess, am hoping this is true cos until i get me ovaries out and go on an aromataise inhibitor then i don;t want to be worried, i already know the side effects are not pleaseant, but if it helps get me better, then i don’t really care
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I was under the impression that if you are pre-menopause then it has to be tamoxifen you only get other options i.s. Arimadex if post-menopause.

And yes tamoxifen is the cheap one, some ladies have found asking for the Nolvadex D brand helps with side effects, this is what I do, not for flushes but problens down below.


what are the problems down below debs???

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dryness (especially when attempting sex).


I saw consultant for 3 monthly checkup on fri and was telling him about one or two (mild, luckily) side effects of tamoxifen and he said that as I was premenopausal (age 45) there was absolutely nothing else I could take. He also said that he had found tamoxifen effective.
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I was also told that as I’m pre menopausal (I’m 48) I can only have tamoxifen. It has been found to be very effective in preventing recurrence. I have n’t had any side effects at all from it and I’m on the cheapy APS stuff as the PCT in my area will only let GPs prescribe generic drugs.


I spoke to my onc about being referred to a gyni, due to women in my family being in their late fifties before hitting the menopause, so he wants my ovaries out and wants to get me onto aromatise inhibitors, had to fight for this mind you, i have found tamoxifen to be awful, yep, had the dryness, but replens are great, even managed to get two packs for the price of one presciption, which is good when you have to pay!!! my main worry was the fact that i could go through a pretend menopause before going through the real one, but had it not been for the reason above, then i would have happily stayed on the tamoxifen, as the write ups on it are really good, and its worked for over 30 years for pre-menopausal women

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hi girls hope ye can help…
starting tamoxifin today as im pre menapausal( age30)…

what side effects can i expect???



Hi Breda

I have given here a link to the factsheet produced by Breast Cancer Care on the subject of Tamoxifen. This outlines some of the most common side effects experienced by patients receiving Tamoxifen. I do hope you find this useful.


I am sure you will also receive further information and advice from our many users.

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Breast Cancer Care

Re comment by debsy…
I was also told it was for pre rather than post menopausal women

im on it cos im 30…been fine with it so far…only been a week but so far so good. Only had a few headaches…but ive put that down to school holidays syndrome…only so much of muuuuuuuum we’re bored you can take. Ive had really sore ankles…but put that down to chasing after a 3 year old…and doing a lot more walking about. Not had any dryness so that side of things is still rampant rabbits, which is always good. Havent had any hot flushes or night sweats yet, which is a relief after the chemo ones…but its still early days so just keeping an eye out for bits and pieces.

HI buttons, thank you for your reply, i only started taking it yesterday had a bit of tigling in my mouth last nite dunno if its from that or just pure stress, i have to take it for a month then i start cmf for6 months…
im going to rome beginning of september so i hope i dont start to put up weight or get flushes before then…

will let you no if i experience any

take care