Has anybody decided NOT to take this?  My radiotheraapy (for 3 weeks) starts the week after next.  The oncologist has discussed taking Tamoxifen with me, almost as if this is a given for every patient.  I already have severe osteoarthritis and joint pain - I need a hip and a knee replacement, but these have had to be deferred until cancer treatment is finished.  I am really not keen for further joint damage, particularly as the odds for the cancer returning are not very much higher without hormone therapy.  Wonder what other people think?

Hi Moonwing,

If you’re post menopausal, then tamoxifen is actually protective of bones. I’ve been on it for over 2 years now without any significant issues. As I’m now post menopausal, I do have the option of going onto anastrazole, but the onc & surgeon were happy for me to stay on tamox, which I preferred.

Wishing you well with your decision.

ann x



I am the same as ann, post menopausal but because I have osteoporosis of the spine I was put on tamoxifen rather than letrozole as it is kinder on the bones.  I have been on it for almost 2 years now with very little se.