Hi,  this is my first post, for those on tamoxifen, I was wondering how everyone is tolerating it ? X

Hi Jillyjones

First of all a big welcome to the forum where you will find lots of support and help. 
Have you started Tamoxifen or are you due to? 
From reading other posts it seems everyone reacts very differently to Tamoxifen. I’ve been on it about 2.5 years and touch wood no significant side effects. I’ve got hot flushes but not sure if those are due to being menopausal now or the Tamoxifen. 
I’m happy to answer any more questions. All the best to you whatever stage you are at. 

Evie xx

Hi Jillyjones. I started Tam in August 19. First couple of weeks I felt really rough. I think that was as the drug worked its way into my system, coupled with ‘cold turkey’ on Prozac, which had been prescribed when I was diagnosed.

But things settled down. I feel ‘achy’ particularly feet, ankles, legs but not to any overly worrying extreme. Touch wood, so far so good. 

I think its quite a shock getting a prescription for a drug you take daily for years. Especially if you aren’t used to that type of situation. It took me a while to ‘accept’ that (there aren’t even any Anadin in my house) but I know it is part of my treatment so I’ve got used to taking it and grateful I’m getting it tbh. 

Hope this helps a little bit. X