I have taken Tamoxifen for 6 years and now wondering if I should change to Armidex as I am 56. I am not sure if I have gone through menopause due to Tamoxifen symptoms. My cancer was oestrogen positive her2 negative. Has anybody else changed from Tamoxifen as I have read Armidex might be more effective in stopping recurrence. 

Hello Geranium,

Thank you for your post.

I hope that my response will help our members to see it and offer their experience or advice.

In the meantime, for clinical questions, please know that our Nurses are here and happy to talk.

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Hi Geranium - I have been taking Tamoxifen for 3 years and at the end of last year had a discussion with my consultant about changing to one of the aromatase inhibitors, following a test that showed I am now post menopausal. As I seem to be ok on Tamoxifen, I was nervous about changing to one of the AIs because of side effects I had read and heard about. My consultant told me that there is very little difference between staying on Tamoxifen or moving in terms of prevention, so in my case he decided to keep me on Tamoxifen.

Do you continue to have regular appointments with your consultant after 6 years? I guess you can request a phone consultation now? Maybe also ask your GP to arrange for a test to see if you are now menopausal?

I’ll be interested to hear back from you and what you decide to do - in case you find different advice. Evie xx

Good Evening. I am not under an oncologist as my care was referred back to the surgeon after active treatment. My surgeon gave no explanation as to why they don’t test to see if I have gone through the menopause. My GP just said “there is no reliable test” but I think it might be cost cutting measures as it took them a year to refer me for a Dexa scan (still awaiting results, said allow 2 months). Michele x