Taste buds and Letrozole

Six weeks ago upon secondary diagnosis, I was told to stop Tamoxifen and start Letrozole instead. Sofar I believed it had no side effects until I noticed that recently I have become over sensitive to spices.
Not that I ever liked hot food, but mild curries were never an issue.
OH and kids are looking at me strangely when I tell them the food is too hot. Has anyone else noticed this type of change.
Should I mention it to my onc on Tuesday?

Hi vercors, sorry to hear about your recent diagnosis. I was on Tamoxifen for 2 years post chemo but found that I was more tolerant of spicy food. Since taking letrozole following a local recurrence I have noticed that I am, once again, less tolerant. I’m a little disappointed because I was rather enjoying the additional heat!

Who knows what these drugs do to our bodies, and our taste buds. Why not mention it to the oncologist - they may be able to give you a good explanation. It will be interesting to hear what they say!