Hii ladies, hope everyone is doing fine.

I cant get rid of the bad taste in my mouth, also felt realy low. Its my third treatment, i start Tax next. any helpful hnits welcome.

Rose x

I remember it well - horrible isn’t it? If the taste is “bad” - has anyone checked for underlying infection (thrush or something). I found it wore off during the 2nd week after treatment. Someone told me that tincture of calendula (diluted in water) helped her. It did nothing for me, but we’re all different, and it might help. Had to order it online and it tastes foul, but if it works…

I found that where you are now was the hardest emotionally. You seem to have been feeling grotty forever, the rest of the journey seems to stretch on and on and you can’t remember what it’s like to feel well. Well, that’s how I felt…

We all handle it differently, but I survived by being real (on here) and with those I could really talk to… by planning treats (have you been to a Look Good Feel Better session?)… by taking one day at a time… by choosing to find something positive every day, even when it was hard… and by planning another treat! During this time I did LGFB, had a massage, had cream teas… I just felt it was important to do something NICE for this poor battered body…

Keep going Rose… I’m 3 months post chemo now and feeling MUCH more like “normal”… you WILL get there… PM me if you would like to… Jane

Hello UKrose

I found that sharp lemon sweets helped with the bad taste and also Rose’s Lime Juice cordial.

Hope this helps. Best wishes - Anthi x

Bottlegreen ginger and lemongrass cordial with fizzy water. Amazing, cuts right through that nasty coating on the inside of your mouth. I drank gallons of the stuff.
Can’t touch it now of course!


I find ice lollies help, not a permanent solution but certainly ease the foul taste for a while. as for the low mood, I find days 3-10 the worst and then slowly things seem to naturally lift. I finally feel normal just before the next chemo, oh joy!


I had my last Tax last Tuesday and I have lost count how many bottles of Lucozade and bags of Jelly Babies I have got through since June!!! But I can recommend both as they work for me, each time my mouth furs up I pop another Jelly Baby or 2 - downside, definitely resemble one now!! Linda