Just finished my sixth cycle of docetaxol and carboplatin and Herceptin, everything tastes disgusting. My brother bought me a cheese toastie in a coffee shop, it was like eating a carpet time.
The only thing that helps is really spicy food, but still feel quite nauseous after treatment and that was last Tuesday!
Spent the weekend really tired and drank 4 litres of fizzy water!!

Hi Tidge
The taste thing is awful as, along with everything else we have to deal with, we can no longer enjoy our favourites. I found most foods inedible but here’s a short list of things I could eat:
Chicken soup
Mashed potato
Rice pudding
As you can see basically bland white and stodgy but as these were the only foods I could tolerate they did the job. I’m usually low carb but that went out of the window as the thought of meat and veg was nauseating. The tastebuds do recover but in the meantime I hope you can find some foods that you can enjoy eating.
All the best
Jacq x

The good news is you should not have to put up with it for much longer!


I had your combination of chemo plus Herceptin too. I agree about the taste buds plus the Herceptin can make you have aches and pains. It it does take Claritin hay fever tablets and that helps: