tattoo advice.

Hi all, Got a question regarding new tattoos after active treatment and I dont want to bother the nurses with. I am heavily tattooed and am already fed up I can’t finish one of my sleeves due to having my lymph nodes removed and the risks being to high. My question is I finished my chemo November 2013 and rads January 14 would anyone know if that would be long enough to wait to get my opposite arm started. :slight_smile:

Hi Emma!


I have so wanted my tattoo done for years now, but the B/C put an end to that for awhile! I always wanted either a belly button ring or a tattoo but never got round to it!

I keep asking people if we are allowed to get them and if so, when?

There is a tattooist at the end of my road called either Skin Grafitti or Skin Kandy and i suppose i could pop in and see what they know!!

Hope fully we will both be given the green light!!

Cheers, Michele x

Hi Michelle, hope your keeping well :slight_smile: well I’ve bit the bullet and booked in for next Thursday :slight_smile: it is my opposite arm so I’m hoping for no problems. As it’s such a bit piece around 10+ hours I’m going to do itin 2 hour sittings. Will take a few months to finish but think this mmay be the safest way. Let me know how you geton x