Tattoo after surgery 8 years on

Hi all.


I need some advice and was hoping you could help.  8 years ago I had left side mastectomy and lymph node removal,  all been OK and treatment done and dusted 5 years ago.


Today I went to get a tattoo done on my left breast,  a phoenix which is quite big but my tattooist at the last minute asked me about having lymph nodes removed.  I was stencilled up ready to go.  She wouldn’t go ahead until I had spoken with the breasr care nurses but seeing as though it’s a Saturday I can’t get to speak to them until Monday if I’m lucky.


My query is seeing it was 8 years ago how much risk would there be of any problems? 


I would be absolutely gutted if I can’t get this done.



Sarah ,ask this question in the ask the nurses section ,they may be able to advise .
They won’t be back til Monday though .What a shame you couldn’t get it done.Jill

I was told I have a life long risk of getting lymphodema after having my lymph nodes removed and been told not to let anyone take a blood test from that arm or get my bloodpressure taken fromm that arm so Im guessing they would tell you its best not to get a tatoo on your bad arm . take care x

I have recently been in hospital after an op and was told by the phlebotomist that I should avoid any procedures on affected arm - blood tests and blood pressure ,drips etc if at all possible .She was very clear that if there is a choice affected arm should not be used and I’ve only had sentinel nodes removed .I don’t think I’ve ever really been given advice on this BC medics just heard on the grapevine it may not be advisable .I think BCC do have a leaflet about it on the main site.

Thank you all for your help, the tattoo was not going on my left arm, just my left breast, which I did have done and had no problems whatsoever.  I did manage to get in touch with my Breast Care Nurse and explained everything to her and she gave me the go ahead which I had done about 2 weeks ago.

That’s good Sarah,hope you are pleased with the results !

I am really pleased with it, sorry for the nudity but its amazing tat.jpg

Afraid it got sensored but glad you are pleased with it !

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