Tattoo delays

My implant reconstuction was June 2007.
I am still on the waiting list for nipple tattooing.
The hospital (James Cook Middlesbrough) say they are trying to train up nurses to deal with the backlog??

Is this a reasonable excuse???

Offer to train. You could earn a fortune!

I don’t know if it’s a rasonable excuse, but it is an excuse… hope you don’t have to pay too…

td x


That’s a helluva long time to be waiting. Surely they could refer you to somewhere else where there isn’t such a hideous, punitive, wait. Have they indicated how much longer you will have to wait?

I would pay and go to anywhere with a good reputation, it won’t cost that much.

Good luck and I hope you come to the top of the list very soon.

hi girls,

I’m having to pay as they do the nipple reconstruction on the NHS but you have to pay for the tatooing yourself at my hospital (Salisbury).

its costing £250!!

Cher x