Tattoo on scar

Hi again!

Just following on from my scar revision surgery thread, I have had a thought about getting a tattoo instead!

 Has anyone had one to cover their reconstruction scar? I would love to look down in the bath and see a string of flowers, or something nice and feminine. I guess it wouldn’t hurt as the whole area is numb.


I would LOVE to hear from anyone who has had a tattoo to cover their scar.




No advice to offer, Naz but just wanted to say I think that could be a great idea if you are not able to achieve an appearance you are happy with. (I’ve certainly seen some very good results with silicone gel in children with hypertrophic scarring from burns although it does take many months.)
You’ve really got me thinking (and Googling!) - there are some lovely images of tattoos. There are interesting sites about the symbolism of different flowers - cherry blossom for me…
You would certainly want to speak to your surgeon and choose an artist who is experienced in working with scar tissue since apparently the ink can take differently.
You can at least have some fun looking at designs?

What sort of design are you thinking of, Naz? It’s way too early for me (just 3 months post op) but my mind has been drifting to pretty tattoo ideas all day ?

I’m actually embarrassed to say I only had a lumpectomy. My scar is really not bad at all and I know many of you lovely ladies on here would swap places with me in a heartbeat but it’s going to be a constant reminder so if I can turn it to something positive it’s good to know the option is there. I had my first tattoo aged 25 so a second aged 50 would have a certain symmetry. Not sure what I’ll get when I’m 75 tho! ?

Hi ladies,


I can’t tell you how much I LOVE this idea! I’ve only had a lumpectomy but it has left a defect in my boob that bothers me (and it’s also smaller than the other one) but I don’t want to go to the hassle of corrective surgery which might not work so I’m completely taken with the idea of making a feature of it with a tattoo. Just had a look on Pinterest for some ideas and wow, they are brilliant aren’t they :smiley:


I don’t have any tattoos at the moment and have absolutely no idea how to go about finding a good tattoo artist so any feedback from you all will be very welcome (I’m in no hurry, still have to get through radiation first and give the skin time to heal so this will be a longer term project)


I’m all excited now Naz, please do keep us posted!



That’s exactly it Naz, I refuse to let BC have the last word too!



Hi Ladies


What an interesting thread.  A year ago a friend suggested that I had a mantra tatooed in place of a nipple and at the time I laughed.  Now I am thinking that maybe this is a good idea. 


Regards Chris

I had reconstruction and don’t like what I am left with. I have always said I want a tattoo even though I don’t really like them I think it will look better than the scars I have. I have google breast tattoos many times and seen some lovely tattoos. There is even just a black one that looks great as well as the flower ones. I see my surgeon in August this year which will be 10 months post op, plus chemo finished so should be ok for tattoo so I am going to ask if this is ok. Will then need to find a tattoo shop willing to do it.
Has anyon had this done and are there any complications?
Good luck to you all