Tattoo - One photo of a tattoo. One story. (Contribute yours!)

Hi everyone

My name is Lizzie and I send my very best to you at this strange and difficult time. I thought to get in touch with the Breast Cancer Now community as the project I’m working on might be of interest to some of you who have tattoos or want to read some beautiful stories. 

I work for Hampstead Theatre in London and we are working in association with an organisation called  The Outsiders Project  on a storytelling project called  Tattoo. Tattoo’s mission is simple: one photo of a tattoo and one story inspired by that tattoo. 

Participants (+18) are asked to submit a photo of their tattoo as well as a story which they can either write themselves of have transcribed over the phone. The Tattoo team will fully support the participant through the writing process, offering guidance to suit the approach of that particular storyteller. Once the participant is happy, the story and image would feature on the project website, which you can see here. (Contributors of course get final approval on all stories before they are showcased on the project website.)

This project uses tattoos as a window into the lives of people across the globe and as ​a unique opportunity to hear their authentic voices. ​We are excited to support Tattoo because we think it offers new creative opportunities for our communities during this unprecedented period of isolation.

To find out more about the mission and submission process, please visit​​​​.

Those who would like to submit a story or simply find out more are welcome to email me at this address:

Thank you so much and hope to hear from you/see your story on our website soon.

Best wishes 
Lizzie ​x

I think you can visit different tattoo-related websites such as and contact webmasters if they can share you with such a piece of information, they often post samples of works from different people. You can build a strong community in such a way.