Tattoos before radiotherapy

I refused to have tattoos in 2004 and the hospital did the radiotherapy using a mark made with a felt tip covered in sticky tape in the middle of my chest, and amole under my arm.

When I went to Guy’s hospital recently they said they don’t tattoo people any more, they have some way of identifying each time where the area is they need to radiate that means they don’t need to use tattoos.


I know lots of people have strong feelings about this , glad there are now other options .

Thank you @Seagulls  , I mentioned this about Guys at my first radio pre appointment today. The registrar was not convinced but said she would ask for me.

(I’m wondering could they use freckles instead? It seems bonkers to tattoo you when there are already marks they could use. Or do they have to be in a specific place?)

I have had the tattoos, and tbh they are just like tiny birthmarks. I have one in my cleavage, one 2 inches below and one on each side. I feel that my scars are more disfiguring than those, and already identify that I have had cancer surgery so my tattoos are no different, they are battle wounds to me. 

Mind you, I have never been one for topless sunbathing, so their visibility on a beach isn’t an issue.