Can anyone tell me what having a tatto on a reconstructed nipple is like and any issues afterwards? All new to me.

I had my tattoo about a year ago - very happy with result.   I did a skin test first where I chose the colours with advice from the nurse then went back a week later to have it done.  Was there about half an hour and they coloured the areola and the nipple -different shades of course.   The areola was quite dark at first but fades quite quickly and in fact I went back for a top up a few weeks later.   Slight pain in part of my nipple as they were doing it but nothing that I couldn’t cope with.   As I said very happy with it and it made my new nipple look complete and my breast very realistic.  good luck with yours x

Jenny, just back from the hospital. Don’t know what I was worked up about. The Reconstruction nurse matched the colour with good boob and marked where she was to do it and then got started. Probably took about 40 - 45 minutes. Not uncomfortable at all and feels ok. There is a dressing on it now and she has given me some instructions of how to look after the tattooed boob. I can go back for a top up if the colour of the boob needs it. Really finishes the job off. Hope yours goes as well. Sue