hi all, new here, have just had my first tax chemo, ended up in hospital with vomiting, felt sick ever since…7 days on and keep getting really bad stomach craps. not been out of bed ofr a week and feeling really fed up x any advise? please x


Sorry to hear you’re having a rotten time right now. Sorry, I can’t help; I haven’t started Tax yet (had 3 FEC but I sufeered too with my first one and ended in in hospital as I was so sick. Hopefully, some of the ladies that are having Tax chemo will be along soon to help.

There are some other threads around that have some great advice and tips for Tax. I think one of them starts ‘docetaxol’.

I hope you’re feeling better real soon xxxx


This is a link to a super thread on tax

I didnt do to bad at all on tax and finished it 3 weeks ago, just very tired now.

Thank you also another thing is that i have come out in spots all over my back and chest does anyone know if this is another side effect? x

hi sickly,

i get big red spots, almost like boils, i have had them on my neck, head and shoulders,

they are very sore, and very ugly,

they seem to come to a head and burst, then go away, however i have got 2 one on my head and one on my shoulder that just wont heal,

i believe its down to the tax, i understand once the treatment has finished the spots should go.

all the best liz xxx

yep i got them on tax and now nearly 4 weeks finished still getting them.

hi sickly39

did you get anti sickness meds? I was awful with my first tax and like you had to stay over in hospital , found out by second that they don’t always give anti sickness with first dose!!, make sure you ask and get antisickness for second and maybe ask for movicol in case you get constipated ( too much info sorry)


Hi Hatty, I’m trying to read the link you posted about tax but can’t seem to open it, don’t know if it’s my computer, is there any other way I could access this?

pumpkin x