hi ladies,

well i have completed my 6 of 6 tax i am now on day 5, bed ridden, the fatigue is so bad i am crawling to the bathroom,

my mouth is the pitts, thrush, sore, no taste you know the story.

the aches have just started, particularly on the area where i had my mx, i personally feel good about that it re-assures me the chemo is working,

has anyone else got anything to share, at round about day 5 with me, i could do with some cheering up i feel like a little old lady at the moment, with no end to this misery,

so looking to hearing from you fellow taxers, keep strong, liz xxx

Well, congrats on completing your tax! I finished mine 4 weeks ago and am feeling good, these awful side effects do pass - hang on in there, you’ve done it, no more chemo. Each day you will get better and stronger.

(Blimey … reading this back, it sounds so annoying - so many cliches, but it’s true - I’m feeling good now and your misery will end very soon.)

All the best


hi rachel,

thanks for the re-assurance,

its just when your in the thick of it it seems never ending doesnt it,

i feel so ill, and as you say it does pass it just seems never ending,

i will battle on, (we all have the scars to prove it)

Lots of love and all the very best to you Liz xxxx

Hi Eliz

Sorry you are still feeling bad. I bet you are glad you have finished. You seem to have been hit hard on Tax.

I finished 3 weeks ago and I still have aches and pains in my legs, fingers and toes still a bit numb Mouth like a sewer but feeling a bit better every day. My ses didnt kick into day 9.Thought I was getting away with mild ses at first but had 2 bad days and then got better. The onc gave me tablets for the muscle aches so hopefully they will help a good bit.

last week I went for a mammogram ultrasound bone density test and pap smear when i got my bloods checked. Everything was good which gave me a boost. I started my Arimidex as well and luckily no ses yet.

I have booked my flight home to uk and fly back tomorrow night for a month.Must admit it will take me 24 hrs to get home but feel I can cope as have a break in the middle but so looking forward to seeing the family and getting a bit cooler weather and nice fresh air.

Hope you start to get better soon.

Hi Liz,

Hang on in there - you’re at the worst point right now but at least you know you won’t have to do this again. Just pop those pills and think about the effect it’s having on the bloody cancer cells.

I’ve got my last Tax today so will be joining you in bed round about Saturday!

Sending hugs to you,

Jane xxx

Yup Hang in there Liz, by day 7 I was good again, and then you know what, you are done…but take it good and easy for a while yet and be kind to your body and yourself. SO reassured to hear someone else had to crawl to the bathroom - thought it was just me!
bw Nicola

hi jane hi nicola,

oh thanks so much for your positive posts,

i dont like to say too much too soon but it does look as if the fog maybe clearing a little lol

what a scary, lonely place to be, you dont think its ever gonna stop do you.

the fatigue really scares me, and you definately are not on your own with crawling to the bathroom moorcow, there must be a queue of us doing it by now,

anyway lets keep up the good work girls,

i can just about see the sun on the horizon,

lots of love, best wishes and strength liz xxxx