Taxol Nails!!

Hi All

I was wondering if anyone had advice re nails?!! I’m being treated at MD Anderson in the US (we are expats with husbands work!) I was dx with stage4 mets in Feb 2011 after 5yrs clear (stage 1!) I have limited mets so they have put me on aggressive chemo (didn’t have chemo first time). I have had 13 weekly TAX and then they stopped as I was rather toxic but on the same day they saw me started me on FAC - which given my current state put me in bed for 5 days!! I am having 5 more FAC and then maybe back to TAX - Joys!! My big problem is that I have three fingers nails oozing and I have already had one lot of antibiotics so I wanted to know of any advice/ tips on what to do with them. The oncologists are great here but the nursing after care is somewhat lacking… I also have three boys and I am trying to keep working (secondary teacher) but with my fingers having to be wrapped up - it is becoming more and more difficult - apart from the fact I’m totally exhausted!! But Im in for the challenge!!

Hi Abbey, there is a thread on page one of ‘latest posts’ about Tax nails, it has a lot of advice in it.

Link to thread:

Both sorts of tax have similar effects on nails. Good luck.