Taxol working its magic!

Got the results of my latest CT scan today and it’s good news: after 3 cycles, the soft tissue masses behind the sternum have almost completely disappeared, just 1 cm left of one of them, the sternum itself is stable, nothing new has cropped up in the lymph nodes and my organs are still clear. Phew! In fact, the wording of the report read “excellent response”. I’ll drink to that!
So another 3 cycles to go starting tomorrow - seems so much easier to carry on once you know it’s actually doing something, though. Just hope it continues to work that Taxol magic!
I hope that all those waiting for results will soon be sharing equally good news.

Angelfalls xx

Excellent news angel falls, bet you were well happy with that. I have my 3 ed Taxal next week and then another 3 and a scan.

Julie x