Taxoter v Taxol

Dear all - I’ve just had my 2nd Taxoter and the first session was to say the least a bumpy ride ! I felt just awful. I am going to see how this one goes but the Onc has suggested that if it is as bad I can swap to Taxol once a week instead of Taxoter every three weeks - which means 6 sessions to go not 2:( I am looking for any experience as I would only do it if the side effects were significantly worse - I live about a 2 hr journey from the hospital so the thought of doing that 6 more times as opposed to 2 is a bigun but…

One of the significant issues I face on Taxotere is the SE of the dex as the thrush lasts for the full 3 weeks and gives me a very swollen tongue and very sore to swallow

any experinces ??? Luv Rxx

When I switched from 3 sessions of FEC to three sessions of Taxotere, I too found I was hit harder with side effects.

But my oncologist reduced the dose of Taxotere rather than switched drug entirely. This initially concerned me that I wouldn’t be getting the full effects but he said that it would be fine and that the treatment had to be tolerable… I won’t say it was a breeze after that but it was certainly less traumatic for the last two sessions.

I would add that his decision may have been influenced by my cancer being of the inflammatory type…

Best wishes

Hello Ladies,

I had 3x FEC, and then switched to Taxotere, I had a bad reaction to the drug, they increased my steroid intake over 36hrs, I then went back for another try and still had an allergic reaction,

They then switched me to Taxol, which is a sister drug and is still a taxine, but from what I can gather it’s made from the pine needles of the yew tree, and mixed with a different compound, and so I went back for this a few days later, in total it has put me just a week behind in completing this nightmare! and I have my second of three tomorrow, I have found this drug to be okay so far, the SE have been constipation for the first few days, and very sore nail beds, I have painted my nails a dark colour to protect them from the sun rays, I have actually got my taste buds back, and have had no nausea.

Throughout the treatment I have been using the coldcap, which as so far been succesful, although I have found with this first cycle of taxol that I have shed a fair bit of hair but it is coming out in strands, hopefully this might settle down a little like it did with FEC

Obviously I feel very tired but I would think this would apply to any chemo regime, my last one is the 24th Feb and it can’t come soon enough, I then move onto radiotherapy 15 sessions.

wishing you all the best, we will all get there; do let me know how you get along.

Ann x

Hi R

Well done on getting through your second Tax :slight_smile: hope the SE’s aren’t as bad as the 1st time.

I had my 3rd Tax last Monday and just about feel back to normal now, however after my 1st Tax I was neutropenic and in hospital by day 8, after the 2nd Tax I had a very painful urine infection by the 3rd day (and suffered with thrush on both occasions) but this time the SE’s aren’t too bad unless I’m getting used to them!.

The chemo unit gave me GCSF injections and extra antibiotics etc to cope. Changing chemo dose or drug was never mentioned as an option, but as it was the last session I thought I couild just about scrape through.

Don’t think I’d want to put up with the extra travelling to the hospital that the change of drug would require :frowning:

Good luck :slight_smile:


Hello Recs
Yes I hadmy 1st Taxotere on 25 Jan, and also have the swollen tongue and mouth and taste buds have gone to pot. Have the aches but worse is the sore heels (soles of heels) which makes walking difficult but they are now improving with the help of anti-inflammatory tablets. Thrush is also a problem but not too bad. Poor you - you seem to have gone through the mill. Hope it works out for you. Take care XXX

Hi all- I am new to this site-diagnosed last sept, had lumpectomy, no nodes thankfully, and am now at the tail end of my 8 chemos. I had 4 lots of cyclophosphamide + doxyrubicin before Christmas and have just had my 2nd Taxotere this week so 2 left to go, I finally feel that I am making progress!It has certainly been an experience- and reading about what everyone else has been through I feel very fortunate. I felt dreadful for days after my 1st Tax-so achey, bone pains, wobbly and emotional, but this week (don’t want to speak too soon) has been much easier.
Now I am starting to think about how the radiotherapy will be. I am due to start mid April for 4 weeks-anyone else at a similar stage out there?
Big thanks to you all for the tips-very helpful and amusing!

Hi gals

Ditto to all you have said about the docetaxol. Sore heels, nails, tiredness but no thrush. Have you tried fluconazole for thrush? Last week, after my first cycle of it, I really thought I couldn’t cope with any more, but a week on I’m fine and ready for the next lot next week. Only 2 to go!!

Julia xx

Lots of Fluconzonole and lots of Nystatin still making no difference - feel grim but hope it will pass- have pretty much decided to ride it out on Taxotere cause doing this 6 more times doesn’t hit the mark !

Sal - I am also due to start rad at Easter I hven’t investigated that too much yet having still to deal with this chemo lark but we will be in it together and by May it will be done - well Herceptin for me in May but that again is for another time.

I was given Fungilin lozenges to suck for the oral thrush and they do work well. They’re on prescription but it’s worth asking your GP or Onc to give you some.

Anthi x

Moan Alert !! Day 8 post Taxotere II and my tongue is still swollen, thrush is rampent and I can’t swallow solids - feeling pretty sorry for myself however I do have a question :

Has anyone ever tried lactobacillus acidophilus ? I seem to recall that it is very good against thrush and wonder if it is worth buying. My GP has been great but Fluconzanole is just not clearing it up and I’m frankly miserable :frowning: what do you think ??

. People with severely weakened immune systems (due to disease or drugs like cancer chemotherapy and organ transplant immunosuppressants) may develop serious infections or bacteria in the blood from taking L. acidophilus. Therefore, L. acidophilus should be avoided in such individuals

Just found this on the web so I guess I have just answered my own question - thought I had a cunning plan !

Hi Sal16 and Recs
I too have had 3 x FEC and 3 x Tax (last one on Mon 15th). Then its the Radio. In between have son’ss wedding - a highspot.
Yes I too have had the aches and mood swing and feeling downright miserable and ‘nobody loves me’. The taste thing has been the longest lasting and worst to cope with. Nothing tastes good!
Just now am having cold like symptoms, have to keep blowing my nose and had a couple of nose bleeds.
Also although the house is warm as toast when I sit down in the evening I start shivering and have to get a blanket round me! Anyone else? Touch wood the nails are doing okay.
Feel I am lucky that I don’t have the thrush problems so much, they are there but not a great problem. But I only drink water the first 2 weeks as I cannot taste anything else.
Rads the week after the 10th. Not had any details about that yet. Keep in touch love to all Pat xxxxxxxxxxx