Taxotere and Lymphoedema

Hi all

This is going to be posted under two Lymphoedema and Chemotherapy to catch the widest audience!

Does anyone have any experience of Taxotere aggravating/causing lymphoedema and/or ‘normal’ swelling?

I’ve had two Tax (of a scheduled 6). I already had lymphoedema in both arms (moderate in left, mild in right), but none in hands. Now my right hand swells up - partially - between the knuckles and the wrist - none on the underside - if I wear a sleeve, goes down if I don’t (I’ve been told I don’t need a sleeve for the right arm, alotho’ I’ve tended to wear one most of the time because I didn’t want to risk having an arm as duff as the left).

Has this happened to anyone else? Were you given anything to help it? Did it settle down after Taxotere had finished?

I’ve spent a fortune over the years (I’ve had lymphoedema since 1996) keeping it under control and thought I’d got mine as good as it was going to get. I feel rotten enough as it is with the Tax and feel enough of a freak sometimes with the lymphoedema, but have always been able to console myself with the thought that it was almost undetectable under long sleeves, however inappropriate they were for the occasion and time of year.

Dearly love to know if there’s anyone out there who has gone through this.





I am getting terrible oedema with tax - both hands, both ankles & feet. Also suffering swelling a bit where no lymph nodes and soreness in affected arm and back shoulder area (I know there’s a term for that area - - but chemo brain prevents recall!)

Thought “cording” worsened by week’s holiday where I did nothing for the entire time - - but perhaps it’s something to do with the tax

All the best to you
Sue xx


My hands are swollen too, and I fortunately don’t suffer from lymphoedema. Have had to remove wedding rings and wear a cheap one that I bought whilst pregnant. Ankles also a bit swollen, and I feel generally puffed up, which I think is down to the TAX - have had only 1 so far.


Hi there Kinden and Sue

Thanks for replying! I feel a bit better now,having had read your replies. There seems to be overlap with our symptoms, definitely. This drug really is a so-and-so isn’t it? I really feel for you, Sue, and your decision about the last one! Had third Tax today, so my descent into La-La Land will shortly commence.

Spoke to onc about having one swollen hand, lymphoedema and Taxotere. He didn’t seem unduly peturbed (well,he wouldn’t, would he,it’s not his hand, is it?), but has given the OK for me to have some MLD during chemo, which I hope will settle it down and which I will arrange asap Also got OH to Kinesio tape (you might have seen some of the Olympic athletes wearing it) - my hand and arm- it’s supposed to help the lymph fluid drain out - assuming he’s put it on correctly!

Thanks again, both



I had very swollen hands and feet on Taxotere. I already had some thread veins on my ankle and these have got much worse. I’d love to have them removed as I can’t wear skirt without dark tights, but as it’s cosmetic it’s really expensive.

Hi Cherub

I have thread veins on my leg and thought they were getting more noticeable, too - in fact if they get any worst, I’ll be able to pass them off as an exotic tattoo.

You’re right - removing them is expensive and not top of my spending list at the moment. Hey-ho!