Taxotere - Blisters?

Hi Girls my cousin has had 3 x FEC and 1 x Taxotere, she has just been to hospital for her 2 nd Tax and although her blood is fine she has developed blisters on her feet and they have said that she had better wait for another week. Has anyone else had this problem. Also she has asked when she could expect her hair to start coming back?

Many thanks


After my 2nd Tax all the dry skin on my feet started peeling off, although I thought I had been moisturising as instructed, obviously not enough. Didn’t have any blisters though, & they weren’t sure whether to go ahead with the 3rd Tax, but eventually decided to do so as the skin wasn’t actuaaly broken.
I am 3 months after last chemo (also 3 & 3) & have a full head of hair now, although very short.


I am really answering this to send it back to the top as posts get moved down and not answered.

Tax can cause blisters but normally the skin just peels off the feet and a little around the tops of the fingers. It is normal to hold off on the next dose when there are blisters. The hospital will know best. It is possible to obtain gel pads to put on the blisters to make walking a little easier.

My hair started to grow about a month after my last Tax. How well it will grow depends on any other treatment your cousin is given. I am now on Herceptin which does cause hair to grow more slowly. It is 10 months since my last Tax and my hair has been long enough for me not to wear a wig for about 2 months. Problem is it grows back a bit fuzzy and it needs to be trimmed regularly.

I am sure someone else will reply who will be of help.

Best wishes to you and tell your cousin to keep her chin up.


Hi, My regime has been changed today by the onc instead of 6xfec, i am now having 3xfec followed by 3xtaxotere & herceptin … I would be interested to find out if there are any side effects i should watch out for while on this regime…

Anne x

Hi there

I developed blisters on the palms of my hands after my first tax. They looked quite odd, they were small and round with a definite centre to them. I also developed a terrible itchy rash all around my perineum which turned purple (lovely!). I also had neutropenic sepsis.

As a result of all of the above, my second dose of taxotere was reduced by 25%. I didn’t have any longer between treatments though which really surprised me as I’d been in hospital for 5 days. The chemo nurse also advised to take an antihistamine to help with the rash and this stopped it itching. I didn’t get the blisters on my hands with the reduced dose and went on to have a further 3 tax.

My hair started growing back about 6 weeks after chemo finished.

I hope all goes well for your friend.

take care
Elinda x