taxotere hair loss twice?

Hi, has any one lost their hair twice during the same course of chemo?
I finished taxotere and avastin 7 weeks ago after 8 treatments. Lost my hair early on, well you just get on with it, and it started growing during the treatment until I had a decent quarter inch or so. Then towards the end it all started falling out again! together with eyebrows and eye lashes.
I now have a completely bald patch on top surrounded by quarter inch of hair over the rest and head would pass well on a monk with a tonsure. I was quite happy before as all went to plan on FEC and had a nice head of hair after a few months.
But I am in despair now, and feel an absolute freak. All the literature says hair loss is temporary, but not at all sure I can believe it.
Has anyone had this and did it grow back? Frightened I am going to be bald forever - or until end of days.

I am afraid it happened to me. I have been told my hair will never grow back. I am almost 3 years after tax and i still have to wear a bloody scarf.
I lost my hair with FEC, then started tax. After 2nd tax i noticed it was growing back all over i was thrilled. My onc says dont get excited as it will all come out after the 3 rd tax. Which is what happened and never returned.
I have tried everything, when i start a new miracle hair growth i get a result and get excited and then it just stops again. They had to report it to the makers of tax and they have said it does happen so…
My onc told me about a month ago that since he has reported it there are more reports from different countries that this is happening.
Hopefully it wont happen to you but i do get p***** off when i see remarks on here say ‘dont worry it always grows back’ because thats rubbish.

Ariadne - I am having the same worries.

I have used the cold cap throughout. Hair grew back really well after FEC. Finished 6 cycles of Tax 8 weeks ago. The hair that stayed is growing OK, but I have bald patches, on each side of my head above the ear and on the temples and haven’t noticed any new growth there. I need to get the long bits cut but can’t face going to a hairdresser. I am wearing a scarf to hide the bald bits (not suitable for a comb-over) but gets very warm and uncomfortable.

Spoke to a chemo nurse when I was in clinic this week who has told me to be patient, because it is apparently having to grow right back from the roots.

Pineapple - without wishing to be too personal, did the hair elsewhere on your body grow back? I have a bit of hair on my legs, but nowhere else, which makes me a feel a bit more hopeful that it might eventually start.

I know it is only hair, but it’s a sign of normality after all the treatment, and a visible one at that.

My leg hair grew back first! of course it would wouldnt it.
My pubes grew back but only about half the amount -all over that area (and half way down my leg sorry TMI) but just very thinly. Every where else normal but brows only sparsly and lashes sparsly too. I now have a very light covering over my head but you can still see my scalp all over head. The makers of Tax, just said sorry its happened to you but Yes i am afraid it does happen and no we wont buy you any wigs! When onc spoke to them afew weeks ago he emailed me and said there are more and more people are reporting this happening now. My specialist now has inform her patients that if they have tax it is a possibilty.

oh so the hair which I am please dto see may go again :frowning:

never mind - I am here to moan about it, thta is what matters I suppose :-/

Thanks everyone. Over last 8 years of BC I have learnt never to trust anything I am told, and it is very annoying to be fobbed off with no, that doesn’t happen when I know damn well it is happening to me. Have bought new wig, eyebrows and eyelashes in effort to forget about it.
Love to you all.

Thank you for sharing such personal info! Will keep fingers crossed that it starts to grow soon.