Taxotere - side effect?


I have a question that I hope someone can answer for me. I had my 6th chemo last week which was my 3rd taxotere and have noticed that the cheeks on my face have gone bright red at around 5pm for the last couple of days, although I do not feel hot. Have checked temp and is ok, other than that, feel totally knackered, have bad acid indigestion and diarrhoea is easing off after last couple of days. All these SEs I know are expected / possible but I’ve not found anything on going red in the face without being hot. Just wondered if anyone else has had this? Thanks costagirl

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Hi costagirl…I had that too, nearly 3 years ago, and got ‘accused’ of being out in the sun without sunscreen!!! It turned out to be a reaction to the steroids and diminished after a few days. I tried lots of thngs the hospital prescribed; however my husband bought some good old calamine lotion which took the burn out of it…you will imagine how attractive that looked?!

Hope that helps…if in doubt or anxious, please ask a member of your team…good luck x

I definitely get this with the steroids - even noticed it during the FEC cycles with less steroids.
It only lasted a few days but it made me feel very self conscious!

I had my first cycle of Taxotere on tuesday just gone. The side effects have been horrendous. I am still in a lot of pain and am worried it won’t die off before the next round in two weeks. I thought FEC was bad but this is something else. Has anyone else suffered from bad side effects of this? X
Have never been on a forum before and have tried to do this on my own, but supporting advice from others outside my family I think will benefit me so much at the moment. Thank you x