Taxotere tears

I am sure that I have seen an old post with advice for constantly teary eyes, but I can’t find it.
I had my last Tax chemo on 3 June and although it hadn’t been a problem previously, my eyes have been constantly tearing since about 6th. They are now very sore from being constantly wet and dabbed with a tissue.
Any advice please ladies, gratefully received.


Hi Jacqui. My wife had a real problem with this, to the extent that her cheeks were permanently red and sore from the salt water. She tried using Optrex Actimist Spray and it cleared up almost completely, very fast. I don’t know for sure whether the spray was the cause of the improvement, but it’s worth a try.

Thank you,
Definitely worth a go!

I do not have any advice as to how to cope with sore eyes other than to say as someone who had taxotere and watery eyes that within a month of stopping taxotere the teary eyes went.

Thanks Starfish
That is encouraging, I am 3 weeks on from my last tax.

I suffered with this a bit too, but it has all cleared up now. At a guess, it probably took 3-6 weeks after last Tax to stop. Such a relief!