Taxotere Hi ne you are all well. I had my first oncology appointment last Wednesday and was told I needed three FEC chemo and three Taxotere. I have read about people having FEC but has anyone had Taxotere. Would love to hear from you if you have.
Paula x

Factsheet Hi Paula

I am sure you will receive plenty of advice and information regarding Taxotere, but in the meantime, here is the link to a factsheet produced by Breast Cancer Care on the subject of Taxotere.

I do hope you find this useful.


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Hi Paula, I had the same as you are having. I found the taxotere caused fatigue, dry skin, aching joints. I struggled with it but it just depends. Some are worse on fec some are worse on taxotere. The secret is is to have all medication ready. Joint pain seems to affect most so my doctor said to take co-codamol on the third day after treatment. That was 2 tablets every 4/5 hours up to 8 a day. The first one I had bad joint pain. The second and third I took his advice and was much better. Differin mouthwash was given with both chemos and I used it regularly. You will probably be given this. I also had indigestion so ompezarole( spelt wrong I think) worked well. You will probably have a drawer full of medication by the time you have finished. I was chatting to a lady at hospital who had the same and we agreed it was a bit like childbirth the memory fades when the chemo is over and you move on to rads. Taxotere is supposed to be a hard chemo but hey if it does the trick. Take care and let us know how you go on Love Eileen

Thankyou for the replies. I am so worried and stressed over the treatment, its good to have advice from people that have been through it aswell. I know everyone is differant but it doesn’t stop you reading the forum and thinking you will have all the same side effects as the other people on here. I hope you are doing ok.
Paula x

Hello Paula
I also had 3 x FEC and 3 Taxotere. Everyone seems to react in a slightly different manner and they say that people who have a bad time with FEC will be better on Taxotere and vice versa.

I found the Taxotere much worse than FEC. I had bad stomach and gut pains, allergic rash, oral thrush and depression. But I got through it OK. Took pantoprazole for the stomach - and immodium for the diarrhoea, fungolin for the thrush and anti histamines for the rash. For me the second and third weren’t nearly as bad.

Good luck - don’t hesitate to ask any more questions and let us know how you get on.
Love Anthi

Taxotere Hi Paula

I have just finished my chemo, I had 4 AC and 4 Taxotere. Taxotere apparently can be the nastiest! and I was dreading having it! I have been one of the lucky ones. I do feel guilty when I hear how some people have suffered, but i have had lesser effects than some others, so thought that I ought to let you know that I found it bearable and it isn’t always dreadful.

I have had side effects, some of which have required further medication, but at no time have I been prevented from going out and doing what I want to (apart from drinking alcohol and eating chocolate, both which now to my disgust, taste foul!) Eileen is right in that you do need to get help/medication at every chance, don’t try to weather things as there are things to help. Omeprazole has been a wonder drug for me, stopped acid indegestion immediately!

One thing i will say is Taxotere is unpredictable with AC, I got to know which effects were likely to happen at different times, but with Taxotere each cycle has been different, I wish you lots of luck with it, my advice would be not to worry unnecessarily about it, just go with it and deal with consequences if they arise.

Any further questions do ask!

Take care Nicky

p.s my hair began to grow back on Taxotere aswell!

Hi Paula,

I have had 3 FEC and have had my first of 3 Taxotere. My FEC was a doddle. Only side effect was sickness on the night of my chemo and feeling sick for a couple of days after. I was then back to work and fine until the next one. I have obviously had the hair loss (although I am using the cold cap) and all the other minor ailments.

I received my first Taxotere on Tues 11th June? (if 11th was a Tues). I took Wed off work as I thought I would be unwell but I was fine so went back to work on Thursday and Friday. I thought - great not sick once and not even feeling sick. However, that was the lull before the storm. I woke on Saturday morning with aches all over, very sore mouth, was constipated and the fatigue was something which I have never experienced. Have been off work sick all week and doctor has given me a line for another week. Have paid a fortune out on prescriptions for various items. I would say however, that I have had a cold which, due to the lack of immune system has hit me like the flu. I have been really down this weekend but I am now beginning to feel a bit better.

I think because I have had it so easy prior to this that I have really struggled with not feeling well. I don’t like not being in control and I am not a good patient. I am therefore hoping that this is a blip and next chemo, I will be a bit more prepared for it. I will however, be listening to my body with regards to the tiredness as I am terrified that if I don’t start looking after myself, my chemo delayed and that is one thing I do not want!!!

Anyway, good luck with your treatment and I hope you have as easy a ride as I have had. Six sessions is not a lot compared to what some people are having to endure so keep that in mind if you are feeling low.

Take care