I was told today that I will be having FEC and Taxotere treatment. I’ve noticed that mouth ulcers seem to be quite a common side effect. Can anybody recommend a particular mouth wash?



My oncs prescribed something - poss your’s could do same. They said would work better than over counter…

Hi Diddly

I am on the same chemo as you and only have one Taxotere left now (whoopee!).

Yes, the mouth can get very sore. With my first Tax I had 3 or 4 days where all I could manage was liquid. Here is what I do:

  • Clean teeth / mouthwash after eating (every time)

  • I use Corsodyl or salt water for mouth wash.

  • An hour before eating, us Gelclair oral gel - this was prescribed by my Onc

  • Nystatin mouth drops 4 times a day - this was prscribed by my Onc for the oral thrush

I had my second Tax last Thursday and started on this regime straight away and so far it is nowhere near as bad as last time (fingers crossed).

Chemo is different for everyone, but I have found that it has not been as bad as I thought it would be. Before my first chemo I got myself into an aswful state, but now I don’t worry about the side effects until I actually have them! FEC was easier than Tax for me, but for my friend it’s the other way round.

Take care


I start TAC - which is tax plus a couple of other little goodies next Friday (20th) To be honest am looking forward to starting. Had mas and reconstruction on 13th June and feel a bit anxious that I have had to wait this long to get started on killing the stray little blighters. I know i had to recover from the surgery but itching to get onto the next stage.
I have found this site very good at getting first hand information on the process and am grateful to all you strangers - yet all in the same lovely boat, for your posts.

Going to a wedding this weekend and staying for a few days to prepare for the fun(!!) times ahead.


Thank you for all your support. I was told today that I will have a Hickman line put in July 25th and my Chemo will start July 31st. Ive got 6 sessions of chemo followed by a months worth of Radiotherapy at the end. Oh yeah then a hormone drug to take because mine is sensitive to oestrogen.


hi dibbly
i was given difflam oral rinse when i had my chemo it is really good it numbs your throat it was so much better than corsodyl, the throat can get really dry and so soar i was recomended to have ice while having my chemo so i freezed caprie sun drinks and munched on them.
you are having the same treatment as i have just finnished you will get there i thuoght the end would never come.
also my hair has grown on the taxoter but my eye lashes and brows have all fallen out i dont no why?
hope your treatment goes well .
ann x