Hi All

Is Taxotere just the one drug or a combination like FEC? Just wondering if it will take me less time in the clinic now that I’m switching to Tax tomorrow.

Cecelia. x

Hi there - Taxotere can either be given as the one drug or in a combination like TAC. I’m on TAC and unfortunately the Taxotere part is the long bit. Good luck tomorrow

When I had tax it was done as an infusion that took one hour - add to that set up time, plus a few minutes of saline at the end to flush everything through, then it took a good hour and a half


So no different to FEC by the sound of it.

Prepare for boredom!

Cecelia. x


Just returned from my first dose of Taxotere, completely spaced out!

It took around 1.5 hours as you say, not including the waiting time for me today of 5 HOURS!

I have antibiotice, GCSF and my usual pharmacy cabinet of anti emetics to take so will be able to use myself as my friends babies rattle tomorrow.

Cecelia. x