TC chemo - permanent hair loss

I’ve a cancer recurrence 15 years after the first one.  Last time I received AC x4.  This time I’ve been told I will have TC x4 or 6.  However on researching Taxotere I see the internet is full of legal cases suing the manufacturers because of permanent hair loss.  Seems to be anywhere from 6% to 15% risk.

It was suggested to use the cold cap to try and avoid this.  Has anyone had TC and did your hair come back as normal afterwards or did anyone get an alternative.

Hi RainyDay7

Sorry to read about your reoccurrence - we’re sending positive vibes from everyone here.

Whilst you’re waiting for a reply to this thread, you may benefit from calling our specialist breast cancer nurses to discuss your treatment options or just for some support. You can reach them on 0808 800 6000

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I had TC chemo in 2013. I had had Fec before hand and lost all my hair. Whilst on TC my hair actually started to grow back. I hope that gives you some reassurance.