Tears of a clown!

Well Pink Ladies you made the Katwoman cry, but in a good way! I really didn’t expect any comments but I feel like I’ve just been given a huge hug! I’m still wiping my eyes. Thanks, you’ve made an old, wee, Scottish lady very happy! I don’t have any cats, though I do like them, however, I’m allergic! I do have a dog, black and white collie. I went out shopping for new beds and came home with Shane!! He was a rescue dog, abandoned, abused and unwanted. Now he’s spoiled rotten and loved sooo much! I try not to sweat the small things and try to stay positive, in fact since this “new life chapter” started I seem to be more laid back than ever! Can’t promise to always be Mrs Happy but I’ll do my best. KATWOMAN is a nickname,because my name is Katrina(not sure if I’m supposed to tell that but what the heck I’ll risk it for a biscuit! (right off biscuits and sweet things just now.) Lovely day here in the west of Scotland! My next clinic date is the 1st July and then the next “Toxic Tango” is the 2nd July. Girls we can all get through this, because we are Positive Pink Ladies. I should have printed off the “discussion” page ,‘cos dumplin’ heid here has forgotten all your designations!(oooo big word!) You all take care now. Thanks for “the hug”! I’m a great believer in HUGS so give someone a hug from me and pass it on. Diarrhoea is one of our “extras” but with me it’s verbal…sorry…precis was never my forte. Bye for now. KATWOMAN has left the forum! = - )

Hi Katwoman

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again - I have always admired people who can write paragraphs!

Mine is all one liners and dots and bits and pieces - think it’s cos i’ve always been brill at maths and rubbish at essays

if i had a dog it would be a b&w collie - but I am such a cat lover i’ll probably never have one

welcome and see you soon
love FB X

Welcome to the forums Katwoman - I’m so glad you have got the support you needed. I’ve been here since last November and all these lovely people have got me through the good/bad/difficult and just bloody annoying times so well.

Doesn’t matter what the question you ask, someone will always pop up with an answer for you, or just some reassurance. And as for FizBix ands her one liners - they are legendary believe me!

I’m in the south-west of Scotland - and have had most of my treatment - mastectomy, chemo, rads, more chemo - just waiting to start herceptin now…

Good luck for the 2 July

Margaret x

Heya Katwoman

Rescued collie eh… here’s a tip for if you feel down then… show Shane a stick, looks at the sheer job, throw stick, look at the sheer joy and feel better. I sear it works.

We also have a rescued collie, he’s a sweetie. When I used to feel nausea I used to eat dry bread and it made me feel miserable until he curled up at my feet with this look of “bread… oh wow bread… can I have some” couldn’t be miserable then :wink:

Oh the joys of colliedom

PS love your writting style honestly. You are a breath of fresh scottish air

I was next to the sea in a force 4 gale near Kirkudbright on Saturday for our innaugural outing in the camper, trapped in there for 14 hours with OH and collie and oh how we laughed and admired the blustery but beautiful views. Scotland is a beautiful place, and I do live in Cumbria so I’m already spoilt.

Good luck with the next Toxic Tango, mine was yesterday was in pub 4 hours later, non alcoholic but didn’t need it with all that epi :wink: