What is the best way to spread the message of breast cancer awareness for teenagers between 14 and 18 years old?

Peer-group action. (My 14-yr-old has said that she’s going to shave her head to raise money for breast cancer and to show solidarity with her mummy. That will most certainly raise awareness!) If she does, I’ll be getting her a t-shirt to wear to explain what’s what.

Fun events. My 12-yr-old and her friends really want to do the Race for Life. Publicity at that kind of thing drips the breast cancer awareness message into them, so that they will know what they have to do throughout their lives, and they won’t even realise where they got the message from.

Just a couple of ideas, others might come up with more.

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Here’s a link to the BCC breast m8s information which is breast awareness aimed at 11-16 year olds:


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Far better education… including photographs of what abnormal breast signs actually look like. Teaching them that not all cancers present as lumps. Explaining how to actually check your breasts, and when to do it. Telling them that breast cancer is less common in pre-menopausal women but can and does strike women of any age.

I wish that all bras were sold with a leaflet attached on breast awareness, and that the backs of doors in ladies toilets had posters about breast awareness.

On a personal level, my 15 y.o daughter now knows far more about breast cancer than I did at 40. And a good thing too.

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I was talking to my teenage daughters about this the other day. Me and my eldest (19) run a Ranger group (14 - 18 year olds - next group up from Guides). The Rangers have seen me go through all my treatment, from operation to hair loss and recovery.

I didn’t want to push things with the girls, but both my daughters think we should do a Breast Awareness evening. We haven’t formulated a plan yet, but we aren’t going to just concentrate on Breast Cancer. We are also going to get someone in to talk to them about the importance of wearing the correct sized bra.

If anyone can think of things we can do that will reinforce the need to check themselves regularly but won’t completely scare or embarrass them, I would really appreciate ideas.


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You are able to order breast awareness leaflets and an information DVD from the Breast m8s link, you can read more about these here:


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Thanks Lucy. I didn’t think about looking at the BCC publications. I have now ordered some.

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I am 17 years old and have just been diagnosed with breast cancer! Its so hard to get the message through to people my age unless they know someone going through it.
Like me, i think most teenages will just think ‘it won’t happen to me’ … but now it has, i think all my friends have had a big scare and are now aware of how breast cancer can affect anyone.

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Tonight I eventually got round to talking to my Rangers about breast awareness. They have want to design a challenge badge for other Rangers and older Guides, and they have spent this evening coming up with all sorts of breast and bra related challenges. They have been looking through the Breast Cancer Care m8s publications

Of the girls there tonight (8 of them) 4 have mothers who have been treated for breast cancer, so it is something that is very close to them.

The girls have named the challenge The Boobie Badge - Get to Know Your Breasts! The activity pack and badge will be sold in aid of Breast Cancer Care.

I am really proud of the girls. I’ll keep you all posted on how they are doing.


Caroline, that’s fantastic. There’s another website you might want to look at, coppafeel.org. Aimed at teens.

What a marvelous initiative with your Rangers - the earlier breast awareness starts with teenagers as a routine all the better. Interesting stats on your group and families with breast cancer…
Do keep us informed

hi my name is michelle steele. I was diagnosed last oct aged 22. i Know im a little older than the girls in your group but since i was dignosed i want others to be breast awear.With the help of a chartity called itv fixes i have designed and completed a leaflet aim at young woman.My breast nurses have looked at it and think its great. This leaflet is going into 2 local breast clinics, colleges, woman changing rooms really anywhere young woman will go and club 18-30 have put it onto their blog on the internet. Also as part of my leaflet i have done a tv interview for itv fixers. this can be viewed at itvfixers.com please feel free to take look and show your group. If you wouldd like a copy of my leaflet please get in touch and i will email you one.
michelle xxx