Teeth and Radiation.


I am 64 and due to start radiotherapy on the 8th of April 15 does over 3 weeks.
I have had my chemo and my surgery lymph nodes and nipple removed (both of those went well).
I should say I am going through all of this alone (no family) which is fine I am coping.
The only real problem which is laughable I suppose is I need a tooth either removed or filled and I have been told I need to get it done before I start the therapy (although she did add it was up to me).
The silly part is I cannot face going at the moment (my plate is full to overload) I have reached my saturation point with treatment at the moment. Has anyone done this not done this - please? I should say my teeth are not rotten just the one large at the back any help appreciated.

Teeth! Aren’t they a nuisance! I have to have my wisdom tooth extracted on Monday. Radiotherapy shouldn’t affect your teeth as it shouldn’t be directed near your mouth. However, if you are going to have bisphosphanates/ Zometa/ Zoledronic (same thing, just goes by lots of names) for bone strength you should get all your teeth attended to six weeks before you start treatment as it is a lot more complicated after you’ve started. Maybe ask again why they’re talking about teeth? The sooner you get teeth sorted, the smaller the treatment needed hopefully. Well, that’s the theory. My decay was hiding unfortunately. But I know what you mean. After going through so much treatment, having to go to the dentist is a bit like the last straw for me! And I won’t even be able to have a cuppa tea afterwards for ages either! Maybe we’ve used up a lot of strength for getting through the big things. But we can do this. All the best to you 

Hi CumbrianLady

This is a weird coincidence, but I am 64, I had a lumpectomy, removal of 3 lymph nodes and my nipple in August, and am starting radiotherapy on 8th April, after 6 long months of chemo!

My teeth or more filling than tooth, and  I had a dental check before my first dose of zolendronic acid. I have a couple of fillings that need to be replaced but luckily didn’t need any major work. Because of covid restrictions, and as they don’t hurt, the dentist said I could wait to have them done. I have developed quite a dentist phobia and did feel going to the dentist was just the last thing I needed on top of everything else, although the dentist was lovely. I think in very rare cases, zolendronic acid can effect the jawbone, which is why it’s recommended to have dental treatment before starting it, but your dentist and oncologist should advise you.

i am a bit apprehensive about radiotherapy but I think it will be easier than chemo. I was told I needed 5 days but this was then changed to 15. I have to commute into central London but it’s a lot nearer than it will be for you. Maybe we can stay in touch and compare notes?

Good luck

Carmen :tulip: