Teeth Grinding- Anyone had any experience with it?


Having loads of problems with teeth,particulary back teeth which seem to be crumbling (currently on Letrozole)I have also been diagnosed with burning mouth syndrome.

I have had major tooth ache,face ache and ear ache these last few days and managed to get to my dentist this morning.I have had something similiar 3 times in the last 6 months and I have brought this up with my dentist at my last checkup but xrays showed nothing.

This is the 5th time in an many weeks that I have visited the dentist with problems. I have had such a horrible few days, never known pain like it and it seems that I have an infection in one tooth as well as a swelling in the gum which is a bit worrying.

Anyway my dentist thinks that I grind my teeth, he says that it is usually caused through stress or hormones. I am going to have a gum shield fitted in a couple of weeks. Has anyone had any experience with teeth grinding?

I would appreciate any information or advice



That’s a really interesting question, HM. I’ve noticed a lot more often that I’m clenching my jaw really tightly, and I also have a sore mouth. I will ask my dentist about it when I see him next week, thanks for pointing out that even that could be related to current treatment.

I hope someone with a proper answer joins in.

hi hazelmary
i have problems with grinding - its horrible, isnt it. I am sure it is because i am so stressed.
I use a gum shield at night and it helps. It’s very light one.

No proper answers I’m afraid, but another one who is clenching her jaw/teeth a lot these days… so far teeth holding up but will also mention to dentist at next check-up (due soon).

I started grinding my teeth and clenching my jaw after I went on antidepressants after diagnosis last time… It subsided a little after I stopped but not markedly so and it’s worse again now I’m back on them again… When I’m on the ADs I’m off tamox as it’s usually while I’m having Chemo that I take them and stop at he time I restart the tamox so it’s not hormonal in my case.

Hi HazelMary,

Yes I’m a grinder, so bad, that in fact I fracture most of my teeth with the pressure that I grind them with, every 6 months I have to have the sides of my teeth filled where I have caused stress fractures which result in terrible pain and sensitivity. I have tried a gum shield which was made and fitted by my dentist, but as I lost quite a few of my front teeth during chemo, and have a bridge and crowns , there really isnt anywhere strong enough for the gum shield to be anchored too. I wake up most mornings with a hell of a headache caused by grinding.

I hadnt thought about the link between letrozole and grinding, but I have been a lot worse since starting to take it 3 years ago.

I believe gum shields, properly fitted can stop the grinding in most people though,

best of luck


Hi Hazelmary - teeth grinding and clenching of the jaw can be caused by a period of prolonged extreme stress.
You may notice you’ve been clenching your fists involuntarily too?
Most grinding happens at night when asleep, and clenching hard in daytime until face aches etc.

It *may* be nothing to do with the drugs you are on and more to do with state of mind? Which is hardly suprising.

It’s very stressful all of this, people don’t realise just what it does to a person xxx


Yes I have had problems with this and I’m almost certain mine is hormonal. I’ve been on tamoxifen for just over a year, but my periods have come back recently and I’ve noticed a week or so before my period I’m clenching my jaw at night and have even woke myself up by slamming my teeth together and giving myself bad toothache. I’ve been to the dentist and she couldn’t find anything wrong with my tooth, so I guess it’s the tight jaw causing the problem.



Thank you for all your comments.

El Kantrano- It could well be due to stress as I am having problems with Letrozole and worrying about that, it seems to be a vicious circle. I hope the gum shield is of help, my dentist says that it should prove whether I do grind my teeth.



Hi Hazel,

I had problems with grinding and clenching not long after diagnosis so in my case I would say that it is state of mind that is the cause. My dentist had a gum shield made for me and it has been successful.


Hi all,
I suffered with this years ago, (more clenching) as a result of a stressful period in my life. My dentist suggested chewing gum, it really helped me to break the habit.
Big hugs
Stella X