Tell or don't tell friends about my diagnosis?

Did you tell your friends? Up to now I only told my mother and sister and two friends, one because she’s very close and the other one because she had cancer and know how I’m feeling.

But… What about my other friends? I don’t know how I’m feeling about that. Sometimes I feel ashamed about my diagnosis, like I was less than healthy people. Is that a normal feeling?

I felt ashamed somehow too - can’t explain why -.but I did tell a couple of friends before I had surgery mainly because we were due to meet up and I had to cancel.  They were really kind and supportive with offers of practical support  not just moral support.  I think it has to depend on how easy you are going to find it to tell friends.  If it is going to stress you out and make you feel worse then just leave it for a bit.   Sometimes people can say stupid insensitive things however well meaning they are which can be upsetting .  I had horrible feelings of guilt after my diagnosis and I still really don’t know why but I did get over them and accepted that getting cancer was just random bad luck.   There is so much emphasis on healthy living, exercise, not drinking etc that it is easy to think that by doing all that you can avoid illness.   Good luck with everthing whatever you decide.  All the best x 

Thank you very much catokitty and badboob(I laughed a lot at your nickname :-)). I hope you both are doing very well.