Telling parents


i was diagnosed a few weeks ago with lobular breast cancer and got my treatment plan yesterday. I have told few people and tomorrow I need to tell my elderly parents, in their 80s and both with poor health.  How the flip do I do that. I am dreading it and considered not telling them but whilst their health isn’t great they are both mentally sound. They would be hurt if others knew and they didn’t. How do I find the right words. I find it so hard to tell anyone anyway. 

anyone any advice…



My parents are also in their 80s and like you I was worried about telling them at a stage when they were relying on me more and more. I practised what I would say a few times so I could manage to tell them without crying and tried to focus on the positive, they know what it’s, the treatment is well tried and tested and this is what will be happening in the next few weeks. Then I talked about what it wouldn’t mean in that I would still be there for them as I knew they would be for me. It went well until my Dad, who has dementia, said I don’t really understand but I feel really sad now. Then we all had a cry.

In the following months we helped each other a lot, swapping stories of hospital appointments and walks around the block and enjoyed the time we had together. 

I will be thinking of you xx