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I had breast surgery on 12 Dec 23 (lumpectomy/local wire incision- DCIS 22mm tumour in right breast towards the breastbone in the upper quadrant, I was advised that the cells were high grade and I would also need radiotherapy providing nothing else was found).
I am finding that when I do a bit more such as going for a walk, washing up, I am feeling really hot and then other times struggling to get warm…. However, my actual temperature is ok. This is not like hot flashes. I do have fibromyalgia flare ups but did not have a problem with temperature prior to surgery. Is this something you have come across?
I am still feeling quite sore but I guess this is to be expected?

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Pain and discomfort after surgery for breast cancer and in the weeks that follow, is common. This can include different sensations such as soreness and numbness in the scar area.

For most people, as healing takes place, these effects usually subside within a few weeks or months and can be best managed with regular pain relief.

Some people may find that pre-existing health conditions such as fibromyalgia are affected by undergoing surgery. This might include worsening or new symptoms of the condition.

Although you didn’t experience a problem with your temperature regulation as a symptom of your fibromyalgia previously, it’s possible this is caused by the process of you undergoing surgery and anaesthetic recently.

Whilst your actual temperature is normal, it’s also still possible you may have an infection, so it would be a good idea to report your symptoms to your treatment team or GP to be assessed. If you don’t have an infection and the symptoms persist, do discuss these with whoever helps you manage your fibromyalgia for further advice.

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