Can anyone tell me what a ‘normal’ temperature should be. Mine seems to quite low normally, anything between 35.3 and 36.06. However, tonight it has risen to 36.9.



Hi, think “normal” is around 36.5 from what i have been advised, but we are all different and with the chemo our bodies have alot to cope with so looks like yours is normal but just remember to keep a check on it - at my hospital they like to be informed when it goes to 37.5 in case u have an infection, and rather leave until 38 (which used to be the cut off point for gettin too high) they like to get u sorted before that and also when or if u need to take a headache tablet to take ur temp first as this can mask any infection,sorry rambled on a bit there, keep positng, :slight_smile: love Shar xxx

Hi Lynn

my temp generally varies between 35.5 and 36.4 which is lower than I was expecting.As Silver says if it goes over 37.5 get in touch with your chemo unit. However mine did go to 37.6 once and I didn’t contact the docs because it had fallen again when I rechecked half an hour later. If you are concerned check again and if you are not sure ring the chemo unit to be on the safe side.

It can also vary depending on what bit of you you use to take your temperature. Under the tongue/in the armpit can give a lower reading at exactly the same time as an internal reading.

And of course what you’re up to also affects it a lot. If you’ve just been out for a refreshing walk, you’re likely to have a slightly higher temp than if you’ve been slobbing on the sofa.

(I’ve never quite figured out how often and when I’m supposed to take it, so I admit I didn’t bother last cycle!)

Me too CM re temp, i took it twice a day as instructed the first few cycles but last cycle i eased off… naughty i know!!!

Twice a day? Really?! Ooops!

i take my temp very rarely. Last took it about a month ago…

Thanks everyone. I think I was getting slightly worried because I am quite new to all this but my temperature has gone down again this morning so it was obviously just a blip.

It is so nice to be able to come on here and get instant advice and reassurance from people who understand my concerns (even if they are unfounded!).

Best wishes


Hi. A bit of a sideways step on the topic but just for info, my temp drops to repeatedly 34.5ish, two degrees below my norm. I feel like a lizard nd have to find sun or blankets for an hour (even the hot flushes don’t help they just make me sweaty not warm!!!). The medics just say it is a side effect of the chemo (taxol and avastin) nd it in not as worrying as a rise in temp. But any lower I need to call for help!

Smiles to all

Sadie Xx Xx

Glad you are back to “normal” - but this thread has been interesting as it’s reassured me about my changeable temperature - so thanks for raising the issue

HI everyone, just to say I’m with sky2sea on ringing the chemo unit as per instructions - I was given a little booklet - maybe all centres have the same one, and it said who to ring when temp over a certain level - my OH says if only everyone did ring in at that point then lots of tricky infections might be caught earlier…but some infections are just going to be, so lets not beat ourselves up eh?
such a pain tho monitoring all the time, seemed to make me more health anxious than I wanted to be
hey ho,
best Nicola