Temporary tissue expander - radiotherapy

Hi all

I was diagnosed with invasive lobular carcanoma about 4 weeks ago, I have two daughters - 30 and 27, and I only told them yesterday. I have mastectomy planned, followed by reconstruction. I am likely to need radiotherapy and have been recommended a temporary tissue expander implant as an option as I don’t want to use my body tissue.

Has anyone been through this or have any thoughts? Could really use some advice as I need to make a decision in the next few days and let my surgeon know so I can get a date booked.

Thank you!!


i had a mastectomy in April and temporary tissue expander.  It went well and I’m pleased with the results.   I had it expanded four weeks later and I’m in the middle of radiotherapy now,   To start with it feels quite tight and uncomfortable but it does ease as you get used to it,    Once radiotherapy is over I can then decide whether I keep the expander or go for a silicone implant.    I don’t want to use my body tissue so will probably go for a silicone implant as the expander does feel quite firm.     Hope this helps and I’m happy to chat more if you want to,