Ten Years

I haven’t posted on this site for ages so don’t know if anyone will remember me. I just want to give hope to triple negative people - I am triple negative and it is almost 10 years since my diagnosis :slight_smile:

Hi Pamelap,

Thank you for your reassuring post, I am on my 5th course of chemo at the moment due the 6th next week, FEC-T, I must admit I have buried my head some what on asking questions about being triple negative to my Onc as scared as to what he might tell me. I have done some reading up only today as it happens and have been quite upset as to what I have read but am determined to stay strong for the need to be with my lovely 6 year old for many years to come.
So on a day that has set me back a bit I am very grateful to have seen your message and wish you all the best.

Sarah xx


Your post couldn’t have come at a better time for me. Was diagnosed TN on Wednesday and am scared silly, thanks for taking the time to offer reassurance to others.

Donna xx

Hi pamelap! I remember you and it’s great to hear you’re doing well. Let’s catch up again in ten years time.

Great news pamelap… Gives a lot of hope to new TNBCers x

Hi Pamelap
Congratulations on reaching ten years post diagnosis. I remember you well from this site in 2003 when I was diagnosed with TNBC. Its great to hear that you have reached such an important anniversary. I am nine years past diagnosis now and still NED and feeling relatively well although I think age is beginning to catch up with me a bit! I am sixty one next month and still working although have reduced my hours recently. Hope our stories will help to reassure those who have been recently diagnosed that TNBC is not all doom and gloom. Hope to hear from you when you celebrate the next ten year anniversary
best wishes

I’m positive everything but I hope our Superfit sees your post. Great to read of someone who has this disease 10 years behind her and tells us about it.
Now go and enjoy the rest of your (long!!! don’t know how old you are LOL) life.
Christine xx

Hi there,
I was after some advise please, I have read that diet can help with TN bc? I am thinking I should change my eating habits and was wondering if any one has any advise on what or not what to eat?

Many thanks

Sarah xx

I dont think diet can help specifically with TNBC but generally speaking eating healthy diet, doing regular excercise, reducing alcohol and smoking all help reduce the incidence and recurrence of bc.

There are loads of anticancer diets around purporting to cure cancer but none of them actually cure it or stop it but if its a healthy diet then it will reduce your risk… But actually surgery and treatment will do more to minimise risk than what you eat or drink… However if it helps you to feel good by ‘doing something’ then go for it as long as ts not damaging to you.


Thanks Lulu, I have never been too good at eating healthily, I do eat veg but not fruit and do tend to have to many take always so thought I should look into eating better if it does help with reducing recurrence great, even if it makes no difference it will do me good anyway.
Sarah x

Hi Im also triple negative, I’m on my 4th round on chemo this thurs. I also wondered about diet, but then again before I got breast cancer I ate well, exercised 4days a week, don’t drin and don’t smoke! So not sure whether diet will make a difference now. Must admit the triple negative does scare the crap out of me, and it is reassuring to hear the good news stories.

I have calcification and 3 small tumours and node positive, can anyone tell me if the calcification is invasive as I thought calcification was early precancerous ?

Calcification can be benign or precancerous but you can get it within the tumour or around it… I had high grade DCIS with both my primary tumours… With grade 1 hormone pos cancer i had dcis within and outwith the invasive area with malignant calcifications… Tumour was 13mm but whole area was 24mm… With grade 3 tnbc it was 19mm invasive extending to 27mm with DCIS and malig calcs…

Good luck

Hi PamelaP, thank you so much for your post. I have just finished treatment for triple neg and I am in such a state of constant fear and worry. It is so nice to see a positive post like that. I have only just joined the forum and this is my first post. I was scared of what I might find here, but your post has given me hope.
Lots of love.