Tender breast

I recently had an abcsess drained by FNA at the breast clinic. I had the ultrasound and mammogram and saw the oncologist who advised me to return to the clinic in three days for a check up. He would then Put me in for another mammogram and ultrasound in 10 days to let the infection settle as I had an inflammed axillay node. Today I saw the breast doctor at the clinic who said the boob was still pink but much better. He ummmed and ahhhhed about it but decided it was okay. He told me it was periductal mastitis with a complication - abcsess. I wonder if he was at all worried would he have done something today… He said he would bother with a biopsy as the culture from the aspirated fluid contained bacteria…I’m concerned because he ummmed and ahhhhed and my breast still doesn’t feel right… It’s a bit itchy and sensitive and the veins are more prominent., I have been on antibiotics for a week… He didn’t say anything about the blue veins and did have a poke about…he said its more pink around the aspiration site and he could clearly see the dip where the abcsess was. I just wonder, if he thought it was sinister, would he have done anything different.

Dear Loopyloo

I’m sorry you are still feeling so anxious.  Do give the helpline a call to talk over how you are feeling.  I know I mentioned it on another thread but here are the details again- they are open from 10-2 today and 9-5 on weekdays.  0808 800 6000

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I am sure if he thought there was anything sinister he would have been more concerned. You appear to have an infection that is responding to treatment. If it is still red and inflamed after you finish your antibiotics I am sure you could be referred back again. Or your Gp can monitor it he will receive a report of what the findings have been so should be able to reassure you.