Tender Breasts During Chemo - Anyone?

Im undergoing chemo, not long had my 3rd FEC.

For the couple of weeks or so both of my breasts have been quite tender, the type of tenderness some women experience just before a period which normally disappears when your period starts.

I had a period recently, Ive not stopped menustrating at all, Im bang on time every month, but Im a little concerned that this bilateral breast tenderness still persists.

Has anyone else experienced this at all during chemo? Wondering of its worth mentioning it to my Onc at my next chemo?

Many thanks


I had a lot of weird pains in my breasts which I mentioned to my surgeon when I saw her - she said it was the chemo knocking my ovaries (I had 1 period on chemo, but none since) and it makes your hormones go out of kilter, so I suspect this is what’s happening with you too, even though you are still having them. I wouldn’t worry about it but why not ring your BCN (and definitely mention to your onc at the next chemo appt) if it will put your mind at rest? I’m sure it’s nothing to worry about honey.

Teresa x

Thanks Teresa, I will defo mention it, I did wonder if it did have anything to do with the chemo and perhaps my cycle but I feel like the week before I’m due on…but constantly. Glad there is no PMT with it!lol

Lisa after first chemo my affected breast was tender, then after 2nd FEC just before I got my period both my breats were very tender but this has stopped after a few days.

Hope this helps, love from Christine xx

Poor you, at least no PMT!! I think though that with your breasts you are also probably more aware of them, and every ache, pain, twinge are wondering what is going on!! I certainly was.

I am pleased not to be faffing with periods, but the hot flushes are most disconcerting! Had one when I was at church on Saturday evening, but didn’t want to take my hat off so had to fan myself with the hymn sheet!


lol…im sure God forgives you! Thou shalt keep cool by any means necessary!

Yes you are right, I am totally feeling every little stabbing pain in my naughty breast and there are loads of stabbing and pinching pains right now. Im telling myself its the chemo doing its job but i will speak to the ONC a week Wednesday about all the breast pain I’m feeling right now.