Tender breasts - menopause


I don’t really want to have to see my breast surgeon about this as I think it is probably hormonal so I thought I’d ask here first.

I was diagnosed with BC nearly 10 years ago, had chemo & then tamoxifen for 5 years. No periods during that time & then 18 months after stopping tamoxifen I had a couple of periods preceded by the tender breasts (as I used to get). Doctors were pretty surprised (as I was!) & I had some gyny tests to check nothing else was wrong & they couldn’t confirm whether I’d had menopause or not. I’ve had no more periods for 3 years now & am now 50. For the last 2 or 3 weeks I’ve had one (other had mastectomy) very sore breast. Am pretty sure it is not my cysts & suspect it is hormonal. Might this be real menopause? - I have no other symptoms but had all the hot flushes etc. when on Chemo.

Any ideas?

I would say there is a chance that it is hormonal - but really would say get it checked just to be on the safe side.

good luck

I’m 52 but 53 in one week (on 3 August) and I am still getting periods. I didn’t have chemo but I continued to have regular periods while I took tamoxifen, I’ve also had them since having a mirena coil fitted. there doesn’t seem to be an end to them. I also get painful breasts from time to time. I didn’t get this while I took tamoxifen though, it seemed to deal with the pain pretty well.

I did have a blood test in May which showed I am approaching the menopause though, so maybe you could have one of these


I must admit that I have not had sore breasts at all and don’t know if that is a menopausal symptom. What I would say is it is better to be safe than sorry and I would strongly urge you to at least visit your GP due to your past history with BC. Personally I would contact my breast surgeon. Also, you should be able to discover for definite whether you are in the menopause from having a blood test taken so your GP should be able to confirm whether or not you are in the menopause.

Hi again,

as a follow up to this - surprise, surprise a few days later I had a period after 3 years! Am very confused now. By the way. I had asked at the doctors before about blood test for menopause and I was told that they didn’t do them as they were not reliable. Apparently you just have to wait & see. So I thought if you didn’t have a period for two years then that was menopause - but it doesn’t seem to be for me.

Does anyone else know how long the gap should be?

Btw, breast is back to normal now!