Tender lump on right upper chest above my breast

I had been having tender by touch painful lump on my upper chest above my breast for about 3months now… Will be having a Ultrasound guided Breast Biopsy in about 6days…and I’m abut worried… I want the pain tenderness with throbbing aches to just go away… I don’t know what it could be… If anyone have any similarities plz reply

Hi there Krissy,


I can totally understand why you are worried, its frightening having to have tests to find out what something is. You dont mention your age ?

The real problem here is that although we can tell you all the statistics about most lumps being benign, and how good treatment is nowadays IF it turned out to be a type of breast cancer, and how a successful treatment is the norm for the majority of women - it probably won’t stop you worrying at this stage.

What you have at the moment is a total ‘unknown’ and no amount of googling, or comparing symptoms will unfortunately give you the answer you want and need. Only the biopsy will give answers. This is a very difficult wait, I know that, many people on this forum have had that wait, to find out its absolutely nothing to be concerned about, or that it is something that needs treatment.

Has you GP referred you fairly recently?

Please feel free to chat here, we understand.



I can only echo Charys’s post.


There are loads of lovely ladies on here who will give you all the help and support you need, and go on to the the HAve I got Breast cancer section which will really help xxx