Tender lump

Hi everyone,

ive been reading every post for a few days looking for someone with similar symptoms to my self and some reassurance,

I found a small lump about 4 years ago was seen and all the tests done was told it was cysts was so relived… fast forward last year found another lump seen gp was advised to come back after two weeks if it was still there … she didn’t seem concerned in anyway so I never went back checked it for a few months it never changed eventually I stopped checking it , then last Friday I bumped my boob and it hurt a lot so checked and found the same lump only it’s about 3 times bigger the top of the lump feels bumpy and the bottom round , seen gp same day and have an appointment this Friday morning, I know it’s more than likely a cyst but can’t help my mind wander as the appointment gets closer , I’ve decided to go on my own I’ve played it down so much to my husband I can’t tell him I’m a bit scared now ! Am I right in thinking because it’s big it’s a cyst also it’s tender but cud be cause I can’t leave the dam thing alone lol 

any reassurance would help so much 

thanks ? 

Hi there, I’ve had a painful left breast for a couple of weeks and pretty much ignored it? Then I had blood discharge from my nipple? Saw doctor and going to breast clinic tomorrow (Thursday) on my own. I haven’t told a sole, as I don’t want to worry everyone when it may be hormonal etc? However I’m over 50 (56) and I’m now convinced I’ve found a pea size lump? It is very worrying but strangely I’m better at dealing with things on my own? God forbid, if it IS breast cancer I’ll have to tell my partner as he’d be so hurt if I kept it secret? But I won’t tell my adult sons unless I absolutely have to! Be strong and try and stay positive until you know what you’re dealing with ???