Tender lymph node in axilla

I have been taking Tamoxifen for nearly 3 years following my dx of lobular, grade 2, no nodes, ER,PR 100% positive - All went well until this year when I got a sore spot on my rib but isotope bone scan in Apr was normal.

Have now developed a tender node at the end of my mastectomy scar. The Onc said yesterday it was a tender nodule but I’m sure thats the same thing.

I will see surgeon on Tuesday and they will do ultrasound and then decide.

I think it must be the BC again but I would love to hear from anyone who has had a similar experience and it just turned out to be nothing!!!

Many thanks, Grace

Hi Grace - I have hesitated before posting anything here…

I have had problems that sound similar to what you describe. Unfortunately, they did turn out to be something which needed attention. However, from the description of your DX, it sounds as tho’ you could be less likely to encounter the sort of problems that I am now having…

The first time it turned out to be a cancerous lymphnode (removed surgically, followed by a change in medication) in my chest wall and the second time some more in the axilla (now being treated by chemotherapy and probably another change of medication afterwards)

Both times I had a PET scan and ultrasound (second time a CT scan as well), as well as blood tests.

Try not to worry (easy to say, impossible to do!) - I was told also that is possible for lymph nodes to get inflamed and this may be what is happening to you.

I know first hand how upsetting this can be - hang in there and do post again - there is lots of support and kindred spirits to be found here!

Thinking of you


Thank you so much for this S, I am trying hard not to worry but it all seems a bit too much of a coincidence that it would NOT be cancerous as its right in my scar area.

I will definitely post after my appt on Tuesday when i think they will know what it is.

Kind regards, Grace

Good of you to post so soon, Grace

All the best for Tuesday



Good luck for tomorrow Grace, let us know how it goes


Hi, just wanted to let you know that there is Good News!! It was not a lymph node - in fact the surgeon couldn’t feel anything wrong anywhere at all!! So pleased - its awful how you always think the worst with this blasted disease. I get myself so worked up and terrified and convinced IT has come back. I know many of you feel the same and I am comforted by that, if you know what I mean! It means i am not completely mad!

Good luck to everyone waiting for examinations and results, Grace

Hi Grace

Congratulations on your marvellous news!



Many thanks S, and good luck to you x